Polish company which designs and produces compact machines for freeze drying of food is looking for distributors


Polish company that produces compact food freeze-drying devices is looking for distributors from the food processing industry to enter new european markets. The device designed and manufactured by the company is much smaller and cheaper than the industrial lyophilization solutions available on the market.

Partner sought

Currently company is looking for business and institutional partners to sign a distribution services agreement. Role of the partners will be to expand the sales network of the produced freeze dryers. This especially applies to the catering industry, HORECA, horticulture and agriculture. The company is especially looking for partners with experience in selling devices in the above-mentioned industries.


Young polish startup, which started in 2019 have already designed and patented compact freeze drying machine for food. Although the freeze-drying process is known for some time, machinery needed to perform a process are often big and heavy. Company have put a lot of effort in shrinking technology and making it small and compactible. Until now, this technology has been used only in narrow branches of the food industry and in the laboratories of pharmaceutical companies. The device has a touch screen and holds up to 10 kg of load. It allows you to freeze-dry fruit, vegetables, herbs, meat, meats, dairy products, as well as ready meals. Its first copies went on sale at the beginning of 2020. The buyers are restaurateurs, confectioners, food processing companies as well as private individuals. In addition to the production of the device, the company conducts r&d works aimed at implementing for sale its next versions, i.e. the home version for 3-4 kg of load and a freeze dryer with a load of 40 kg. Recently, the company has established cooperation with the SINTEF Research Center from Norway, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU and the Silesian University of Technology. The result of this cooperation is a project recommended for co-financing from polish-norwegian funds, which aims to develop and implement microwave technology in freeze dryers. The project budget is 1.5 million euro. The company is looking for distributors with experience in trading with food processing companies, HORECA or supplying household appliances to restaurants in Europe and Great Britain. The main recipients of the solution are companies from the following industries: HORECA (composing new types of dishes and additives), horticulture (production of liqueurs), horticulture (production of vegetables and herbs), cosmetics (testing new products), dairy (freeze drying cheeses, yoghurts, kefirs). ), zoological (production of lio snacks for animals, production of baits), catering (lio additives to salads, e.g. onions), apiaries (lio additions to flavored honey, liqueur, and confectionery (production of lio additives for cakes, creams, ice cream and chocolate), health-related industries (supplements, e.g. algae, collagen, vitamin C), tourism and travel (preparing food and drink before going to the mountains). Freeze dryers are more and more often bought also by private individuals.

Advantages and innovations

The use of small-scale freeze dryers will significantly reduce food waste in enterprises. It will contribute to increasing the quality of food products and will allow for their free storage, transport and sale without incurring additional costs for their cooling or freezing. Healthy lyophilisates, which are currently very expensive, can be produced individually by everyone.The lyophilisates given to children are increasingly replacing unhealthy chips and sweets. Freeze drying is a purely physical process. Products subjected to this process retain all their nutritional values ​​and can be stored for up to 25 years without any chemical additives like preservatives or enhancers.

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