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Polish company specialized in precision mechanical CNC machining, offers its high quality services as a subconstructor or manufacturer


A Polish company specialising in precision machining (turning, milling, welding and drilling) of various materials components based on drawings or reversed engineering is searching for partners. The company has many years of experience in different branches, such as automotive, aviation, medical, food, brewery. It is ready to cooperate under a manufacturing agreement or as a subcontractor.

Partner sought

The potential partners are international companies from various sectors open to cooperation. A manufacturing agreement is offered to partners who do not have the capacity (technical or means) to produce a certain piece of equipment (serial production). The company also offers subcontracting services to industrial partners who need the production of high precision parts.


A Polish company specialized in precision mechanical machining was established in 1983 with a strong focus on new technology and quality. The company produces parts, prototypes and various tools based on technical drawings or using reversed engineering in their machine park composed of CNC machines as well as conventional ones. They are a team of experienced engineers, technologists and constructors. The technologies and services at their disposal are: - reverse engineering, - design and production of machines and devices for individual orders, - designing and consulting in the field of modernization and automation of production processes, - design and production of assembly stations, - CNC turning, additionally C axis, Y axis, - conventional turning, - CNC milling 3 axis, 4 axis, 5 axis, - conventional milling, - water jet cutting, - WEDM electro erosive wire cutting, - grinding of surfaces, rollers and holes, - heat treatment, nitriding, carburizing and other coatings, - performing light welded structures, - welding of aluminium and stainless steel, - lacquer coatings. The above-mentioned range of available technologies includes among others parts such as dies, punches, transport rollers, casting molds, rotors, compression wheels, screws and sieves for the food industry. In order to expand their business in foreign markets and to embrace new challenges, the company would like to sign subcontracting or manufacturing agreement with foreign companies from automotive, aviation, medical, food, brewery or other branches.

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Please note: We are unable to process expressions of interest at the moment, until our partnership status with the Enterprise Europe Network has been confirmed for 2022 and beyond.