Portuguese company manufacturing protective and reusable textile solutions seeks distributors and manufacturing agreements


A Portuguese based company that is manufacturing textile medical waterproof, reusable products related to personal protective equipment is now looking to expand its sales on the basis of distribution/manufacturing agreements in Europe.

Partner sought

The Portuguese firm is in search of a distribution service agreement to form proactive and commited partnerships to target hospitals, pharmacies, medical clinics, laboratories with medical related equipment. Potential partners of this Portuguese company could also be any sized organisations seeking protective clothes for a manufacturing agreement, with the option to manufacture the product to the partner specifications


This well-established Portuguese company is in the business for over thirty-five years manufacturing clothing. With significant R&D investment, this firm is delivering innovations that are setting the standard in personal protective textile solutions for healthcare workers and patients. The SME involved its customers in the development of its products to safeguard the health and well-being of health workers in the workplace, understanding a range of factors about personal protective equipment use like comfort and reusability, and not just its technical capacity to protect the wearer from infection. The company has developed several types of gowns fit for use in hospitals or similar use, all approved for NP EN 13795-1:2020, waterproof, reusable, sterilizable, with finishes on the cuff and collar in corrugated mesh, squeezes with springs in the neckline and ties at the waist. The company’s core product is the waterproof, reusable gown, but they also produce surgical gowns with cuffs and necklace, surgical tunics, waterproof tunics, unisex uniform trousers, waterproof trousers, gowns for patients, disposable hats, reusable cuffs, disposable cuffs and disposable gowns without cuffs and without harness. In addition to the standard products, the company also tailors its services to partners looking for their own label solution. The company provides a fully accountable system according to ISO 9000 and ISO 13485:2016 (Medical Device Manufacturing) guidelines. The Portuguese firm plans to grow the international side of its business and is therefore seeking to appoint distributors for its textile medical solutions and build brand reputation. The company would also consider requests for manufacturing agreements with partners who are looking for a quality one-stop production partner.

Advantages and innovations

The Portuguese company can offer the following advantages and innovations to a potential partner: - Experience: proven track record in the textile sector. - Protection: its products meet all the requirements included in the NP EN 13795-1:2020 standard. - Comfort: all gowns are light and comfortable, avoiding the discomfort caused by prolonged use in a clinical or hospital environment. - Reusability: the materials proposed are reusable 20 to 75 times, reducing the ecological footprint, as well as the costs associated with recycling. - Supply chain: short lead times for supply.

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