Slovenian company, specializing in the production of steel structures, elements and semi-finished products for construction, transport, traffic safety, robotics industry, etc., offers its services under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement.


Slovenian export-oriented company, with almost 30 years tradition, specialized in the manufacture and assembly of various steel structures, semi-finished products of elements for various industries (construction, transport, transport, robotics, etc.) offers its services as a production partner under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. The company has concluded several business agreements with the support of the EEN for the production of semi-finished products for well-known EU companies.

Partner sought

The company is searching for SME clients and big companies as long-term partners for whom they could act as a supplier and production point for portfolio of products/semi-products related to fabricated steel components, elements and structures under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement. The role of the partner sought will be to give to the company the technical documentation of the product/semi-product/component requested for the production and define the desired number of products to be produced and production time-frame. Slovenian company will produce the requested products according to the technical drawings of the company, test them according to the test requirements and quality standards, send the first samples to the customer to approve it, store the products, package them and finally ship to the customer.


The company was founded in 1992 in Nova Gorica (Slovenia), as a service company, mainly engaged in welding and locksmith services. With growth and development, the company's service program is complemented. Today the company offers a wide range of production processes for the manufacture of steel and semi-finished products. The company has about 20 employees with rich technical knowledge and knowledge in the field of production and assembly of steel parts. The main production program of the company is the manufacture and installation of steel structures and semi-finished products that comply with the Euro-standard ISO 3834 - Part 3. Semi-finished products that the company regularly produces are: - Karting tracks (structures for karting pits and tracks) - Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions (hostile products for stopping traffic or pedestrians) - Special safety tracks for road-traffic (side light-weight blockers) - Technological equipment (lifting technology, beds' frames) - Industrial equipment (Conveying technology) - Garage system structures (modular parts) - Highly customized trailers (trailers for special transports) - Various construction structures (pillars, silos, erectors, sub-systems, robotic cages, etc.) The company is searching for new business opportunities and long-term international partnerships with metal product manufacturers. It offers foreign companies metal processing services and the manufacture of semi-finished products / products under a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement: - Metal cutting, - Pipe and profile cutting, - Metal bending (chamfering, roll bending), - Hole punching, - Hole drilling (sheet metal, profiles, pipes), - Threading, - Thread rolling, - Welding, - Turning, - Assembly, - Wet painting, - Hot-dipping and powder coating services are outsourced to the nearby partners. The company is mainly export oriented and producing structural steel parts and semi-products for partners from UK, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and USA. Products of their customers can be found all across the globe. The company has successfully entered into several business partnership agreements in recent years with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network.

Advantages and innovations

The advantage of the company is the organization of their production process and quality control. The production is working according to the quality process of ISO-9001 and EN-1090 EXC 3 class, while their welding procedures are maintained according the ISO 3834 part 2. The company has also quality department, under IWE engineer, who is making sure, to keep the level of quality on constant high level. The company's advantage is also vast technical expertise and skills of their employees in the field of production and assembly of steel components. Quality-price ratio and flexibility to deliver the products in time is one of the company's key advantages that lead to successful business collaborations that have been established with foreign companies in the past.

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