Energy data analytics platform for centralised Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning plants


A Singapore SME has developed a data analytics platform connected to live data stream from IoT sensors at chiller plants. The platform then standardises and harmonises the data streams for meaningful energy utilisation analysis and insights. The technology provider is seeking partners to collaborate through various modes including joint-research, licensing, and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partner sought

The technology provider is interested in the following types of partnerships with MNEs or SMEs of all sizes: i) Joint-research where the partner can co-develop the technology to meet specific application or market needs. ii) Licensing where the partner could license the technology for further development and introduce it to its customers. iii) Platform-as-a-Service and/or other commercial arrangements where the technology provider assists in the effective start up, maintenance and installation of the technology for the partner


The centralised chiller plant of a building accounts for roughly half of all energy consumed by a building. Therefore, operating the chiller plant in the most energy-efficient manner help to optimise building energy utilisation considerably. Existing discrete and stand-alone Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) network houses information in isolation. Managing data streams from multiple sites, each consisting of a large pool of sensors can be complex due to differences in units of measure, sampling resolution, on/off cycle, interrupting in data streams, and even inconsistent naming convention. For meaningful analytics and insights, data streams need to be harmonised and standardised. By harmonizing parameter names, the multiple sites can be monitored simultaneously to identify an anomaly in plant performance. The Singapore SME has developed a data analytics platform that connects to live data stream from IoT sensors at the chiller plants, stream data through uniform data ingestion and cleansing data with data preparation tool and extract, transform and load (ETL) processes. Data is then standardised and normalised onto a data visualisation platform for analysis. Built for chiller plants and Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) systems, the data analytics platform is highly flexible with full-featured data analytics capabilities to help facility management monitor chiller plant performance, generate regular reports and receive alerts of exceptional conditions. The platform is suitable for buildings owners, manufacturing sites that wish to embark on data analytics to improve chiller plant performance, productivity and reduce energy wastage in centralised chiller plants. The Singapore SME interested in working with partners (MNEs or SMEs of all sizes) to either engage in a joint-research for further co-development, license the technology or be a commercial partner with technical assistance rendered by the Singapore SME.

Advantages and innovations

Advantages and innovations of the data analytics platform include: - Specialised chiller plant analytics made up of KPIs, charts and trends to help user monitor their chiller plant performance - User can also edit and create new analysis with the live data stream to create their customised report - Supports threshold alerts of exceptional conditions, daily/weekly/monthly subscription and automatic report generation - Connects to most centralised chiller plants, SCADA systems, and common cloud-based data warehouse like Azure, GCP, AWS, etc.

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